ANDREW KLAVAN: Media Tell Us Looting Is Essential, But Not Churches

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Andrew Klavan, the bestselling author and host of The Daily Wire’s “Andrew Klavan Show,” spoke with Robyn Walensky on “Wake Up Memphis” about America’s current state of unrest and about the dismal condition of the media.

“Everybody’s talking about police reform and racial reform,” Klavan said, “I think we need media reform.”

Walensky and Klavan agreed that the mainstream media is churning out propaganda. With that polarizing logic, Klavan said Americans will never be able to come together and find compromises. Despite this, most people are against the rioting that is being shown daily. However, anybody that disagrees with the Left is being told by the media that they’re a terrible, racist person. This is only fueling unrest and division in the country.

“It’s basically pretend news,” Klavan added.


Ironically, he said that more people in America are center-right in thinking. The vicious news cycle originates from one area of the country: Washington D.C.

“When all of your politicians are stuck in this Washington bubble,” Klavan said, “and they’re surrounded by media and they’re surrounded by this leftist deep state, they think that that’s the opinion of America.”

There’s many more people wanting to get back to work than there are wanting to go to a riot, but one group is deemed heroic, while the other is condemned by the media, Klavan said. In this manufactured viewpoint of the media, they’re trying to help dictate people’s priorities and keep them out of the church pews.

“They’re telling us that our churches are inessential,” Klavan said, “they’re telling us worship is inessential, but riots are essential.”

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