Bats Can’t Hold Her Back: Pres. Candidate Jorgensen Visits Collierville

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Despite being bitten by a bat this week, presidential candidate, libertarian Dr. Jo Jorgensen spoke to about 130 voters in Collierville Friday night about what she would do as commander in chief.

Dr. Jorgensen’s political roots go all the way back to her grandmother, and she says that we need real change now in the two-party system.

“It was my grandmother’s vision of liberty and the basic principles of the Libertarian Party that brings me here today,” she tells the crowd, “and what I’ve been hearing from people is the old system just doesn’t work.”

Dr. Jorgensen believes in minimal government and one of her goals is to abolish the FDA. She is also a supporter of the Second Amendment.

Noah, a voter at the event tells KWAM  “I’m really sick of the two-party system. I don’t like either candidate,” President Trump or Joe Biden.

He’s looking for someone to break the mold.

“To be able to vote for a woman president, especially in a third-party, I think it’s a great thing to be able to do,” Noah adds.



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