BLACKBURN: Chris Wallace Treated President Trump Like a 5-Year-Old

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Tennessee Senator Republican Marsha Blackburn tells ‘Wake Up Memphis’ with Robyn Walensky about what it was like being inside the debate hall in Cleveland, Ohio, watching the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Blackburn watched with approximately 100 other invited guests. She says she could not see Fox News moderator Chris Wallace’s face as he hosted the debate as she was sitting directly behind him. But, she could see his non-stop gestures.

“I could not get over how animated Chris Wallace was,” she tells ‘Wake Up Memphis.’ “We all knew that Chris Wallace has animosity toward the president, that is widely known.”

Blackburn tells Walensky it seemed like “President Trump was having to debate Chris Wallace and Joe Biden” and it appeared “like nearly every time President Trump was making a statement or giving an explanation, Chris Wallace would say ‘OK, your two minutes are up.'”

Senator Blackburn witnessed how animated Wallace would get and how he spoke to the president “like he was a 5-year-old child.”

Blackburn suggests there could have been a lot less talk over.

“Chris Wallace would have been well served to have just gotten out of the way and given them the topic,” she explains, “let them go back and forth about it, that’s what people wanted to hear.”

Blackburn, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, tells Walensky she will be meeting with President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett ahead of the hearing on the hill, which starts Monday, Oct. 12.


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