‘Blues City Bagels’ Owner Shares Beloved Family Recipe with Memphis

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What started as a family recipe has become a booming bagel business in the Mid-South.

Blues City Bagels owner and baker Louise Paz told Wake Up Memphis” the inspiration for the business started in her kitchen.

“I just wanted a really traditional-style bagel, so I started making them at home for my kids,” Paz told morning show host Tim Van Horn. “And that’s how the business started was just in my kitchen for my family. And then I thought ‘You know what, this could be something.'”

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Paz said baking has always been in her blood, starting with her grandmother who ran a small grocery store in Toronto and then in Brooklyn in the 1920s.

She posted a photo of her grandmother on social media, writing “I strive to make my grandmother proud.” (See below). 

Bagel flavors include poppyseed, cheese, whole wheat, blueberry, and many more. But it’s the blueberry bagel that sells out first.
“I think sweet flavors are more popular in this part of the country,” said Paz.
Hear our full conversation with the chef below:

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