Books with Racial Overtones Turn up in TN Curriculum for 2nd Graders

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Coronavirus, Local News | 0 comments

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Grant Benson, the co-founder of the Breaking 911 blog, tells Todd Starnes on his nationally-syndicated radio show books being used by the Nashville school system are teaching kids “complete self-hate.”

Benson opted for his 7-year-old daughter to stay home and do virtual learning because of the coronavirus pandemic. She’s in the second grade.  But what unfolded next is quite disturbing.

Parents were required to pick up supplies and books from the school ahead of the first day of online classes.

Benson was flipping through the material to see what his daughter would be reading this year.

He knew there might be some indoctrination in a liberal city, but he didn’t think his daughter “would be spoon-fed” this kind of material so early.

“My daughter will not be ashamed of her skin color,” he tells Starnes. “She’s not going to be taught all white people are bad and all brown people are oppressed.”

One of the books is Separate is Never Equal:

Another one of the books in the curriculum about Martin Luther King Jr. says that “There has been no slavery for a long time. But are black and white people treated equally? No.”

Benson tells Starnes, “That’s probably why there is so much racial tension in the country today because we all can’t just be Americans, we have to be put in a certain box.”


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