BREAKING: Germantown Rescinds Mandatory Vaccine Policy

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

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Germantown city leaders rescinded a controversial policy that mandated every worker get vaccinated under threat of arrest.

City Administrator Patrick Lawton drew national outrage after threatening city workers.

“He is setting aside the mandatory requirement for vaccination,” read a letter from the city of Germantown.

Instead, workers will be “strongly encouraged” to get vaccinated.


“We will also require all personnel to wear a mask whenever they are unable to remain at least six feet away from others,” the city said.

KWAM listeners inundated City Hall with dozens of messages urging them to rescind the unconstitutional order.

“This is great news and shows the power of the KWAM listening audience,” said KWAM owner Todd Starnes. “Decisions about whether to get vaccinated should be made in consultation with a doctor — not the Germantown City Manager.”


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