BROAD DAYLIGHT! Motorist Injured in Carjacking at Collierville Kroger

by | Aug 6, 2022 | crime, Local News | 0 comments

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DEVELOPING STORY: A motorist was injured during a carjacking in broad daylight at the Kroger gas station. The attack happened at the Houston Levee supermarket.

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Eyewitnesses tell KWAM NewsTalk Memphis the thugs rolled up on the woman as she was filling up her car. They allegedly slammed her hand in the door as they bolted from the crime scene.

The motorist was treated at the scene by first responders.

A Kroger staffer told KWAM that the entire attack was captured on video. Voice your opinion on the story by clicking on the KWAM Facebook page:

“You have good people and neighbors as do most municipalities but the problem is when trouble crosses those borders,” one angry resident told KWAM. “And in broad daylight, too.”

Many suburban residents fear the crime wave that is about to slam into the Mid-South as a result of the election of radical progressive Steve Mulroy.

“Just two years ago a lady was held up at gunpoint at this gas station. Then last year another lady was pumping gas and a man opened her passenger door and took her purse. In the day time. Now this. If you have felt Collierville is a safe place, a bubble, consider it officially popped,” another listener wrote on social media.

Mulroy, who defeated Republican Amy Weirich, says one of his first priorities is to tackle bail reform.

“Mulroy is not going to turn Memphis into San Francisco,” said national radio host Todd Starnes. “Memphis is already San Francisco. He’s going to turn us into a third-world country.”

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