“Carpe Diem” Seize the Day!

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This Father’s Day, “Wake Up Memphis” with Robyn Walensky celebrated with the universal language of music. Jacob Davis, a local Visible Music College graduate, treated KWAM listeners to a live concert with a Davis original, “Carpe Diem.”


Jacob’s dad, Greg Davis, lives in Germany and is a recording engineer. Jacob said he spent lots of time with his dad in the studio growing up, as they couldn’t always afford a babysitter. That experience helped instill a love for music in him. “Carpe Diem,” Latin for “Seize the day,” is what his father would tell him before he left for the day, and this inspired Davis’ song.

“He works really, really hard,” the musician said about his father. “He’s just an example of what it means to be right and to be kind to people.”

In a world currently full of chaos, uplifting tunes like Davis’ give everyone hope.

Be sure to follow Jacob Davis’ music page on Instagram and Facebook for more Memphis music. Also, check out his Spotify below:


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