Charlotte Bergmann Upsets GOP Pick in TN’s District 9 Primary

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Charlotte Bergmann won the Republican nomination for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District against Brown Dudley shocking many Thursday night.

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Despite not having the party’s support like Dudley, Bergmann pulled away with 51.9% of the primary vote with Dudley taking only 43.1%.

“If they want to save face, if they want to show people that they’ve got a backbone, they will work with me. They will fall in place, I really believe that with all my heart,” Bergmann told “Wake Up Memphis” Friday. “What has been the problem is the fear of Steve Cohen but when you’ve lost everything, what else do you have to lose? Now come out fighting.”

Although she took a big win in the primaries, the same cannot be said for the Republican party who lost many of their races in Shelby County.

“My heart hurts for them, but we have got to pull up our pants, get busy and show the incumbent Steve Cohen starting first because in order to take back our community, we have to cut off the head of the snake,” she said.

Bergmann didn’t waste a second, jumping right into her race against Cohen by noting once he is out of the way in November, the Republican party will find their way.

“Steve Cohen is the major evil person in our community,” she said. “We’ve got to take him down and things will fall into place after that.”

She has unsuccessfully faced off against Steve Cohen multiple times in the general election.


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