Congressman Kustoff Talks Ford, Infrastructure, IRS, Red Flag Vote

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It’s been a busy time for Republican Congressman David Kustoff.  He joined “Wake Up Memphis” to provide a roundup of recent events.

Kustoff’s district (TN-08) will be home of the new Ford Motor Company plant, an estimated $5.6 billion investment.  He talked about the jobs and the area’s expected growth.

While that’s a huge influx of money, Kustoff is hoping to minimize the amount spent on a massive infrastructure bill. He details the latest from Capitol Hill.

Recently the Congressman challenged Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen over the possibility of increased IRS surveillance of small transactions.  We have included that exchange in the interview audio below.

Tim asked Congressman David Kustoff about his “Yes” vote on the National Defense Authorization Act.  The Act contains a “red flag” provision for the military which, if passed, would make it possible for a military court to easily confiscate guns from those serving.  Listen to the full interview below for his response.

He also provided a letter colleagues and he have signed, urging the House and Senate Armed Services Committee leadership to strike the provision from legislation.  You can read that letter HERE.

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