DA Mulroy Blames Crime on ‘Soft-On-Crime’ Gun Laws

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Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said Tennessee’s gun laws are causing the crime wave in Memphis.
“Clearly our gun laws are too lax, our gun laws are too soft-on-crime in Tennessee,” the DA said during a Thursday press conference. “We need to repeal permitless carry.”

State law allows Tennesseans to carry a loaded handgun, openly or concealed, without having to possess a permit.


 DA Mulroy said Shelby County should be exempt from the “lax” gun law.
“Local government needs to be given more power to regulate the presence of firearms in public spaces like parks, near schools or any space,” Mulroy said.

KWAM morning show host Ben Deeter blasted the DA’s remarks.

“No, Mr. DA – you are soft-on-crime, not the gun laws,” Deeter said.

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