Democrats Are Enjoying ‘Taste of Tyranny,’ says NYT Bestselling Author Dinesh D’Souza

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Todd Starnes spoke with New York Times bestselling author and national speaker Dinesh D’Souza on the “Todd Starnes Show” about the Left’s current exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic. The show is broadcast on The Mighty 990 KWAM.

D’Souza’s wife is from Venezuela, and she has told her husband repeatedly about the empty food shelves in her home country. Now, that is slowly becoming reality here in the United States during the coronavirus crisis.


“It’s difficult to convince Americans that we have to worry about this stuff here,” he said about the time before the pandemic.

Now, the coronavirus is giving everyone a glimpse of what socialism in this country could look like.

He talks about this and other problems associated with socialism in his latest book, United States of Socialism, that releases June 2.

While many Republican governors are pushing for phased re-openings, many Democrats have an opposite approach.

“The Democrats want to postpone any Trump recovery,” D’Souza explained.

He also said that the Democrats want to keep the economy on lockdown for as long as possible, and they’re enjoying “a taste of tyranny” during this time.

Looking forward, the Democrats are also pushing for a mail-in ballot voting system.

“All this underhandedness is going on because they need it to sell [socialism],” D’Souza added.

To add to the deceit, many are skewing the coronavirus death numbers to add to the public hysteria.

“The level of deception involved here is a little chilling,” D’Souza said.

United States of Socialism


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