DeSoto DA Sends Strong Message: Stop Memphis and Save Mississippi

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Stop Memphis and save DeSoto — that’s the message coming out of the District Attorney’s office in North Mississippi.

Newly-elected DeSoto County DA Matthew Barton sent quite a strong message Tuesday by locking up a Memphis criminal who shot at a police officer in Southaven last March.

“We had three criminals from Memphis that decided they wanted to steal a car,” Barton said, according to the Daily Memphian. “They rode around in Memphis looking for a car, and when they didn’t find one, they went to Southaven.”

The criminal, Kyle Dodson 21, was found guilty by a jury of ambushing a Southaven cop while stealing a car.

The DA’s office refused to give the young criminal a plea deal.

“It was important for me to set the tone for this administration and this county,” he said. “I was elected to do what I said I would do and that’s to stop Memphis and save DeSoto, so I took the first chance I got.”

The tough-on-crime DA is pushing for a life sentence as a punishment to fit Dodson’s crime.

Barton added: “My message is this — if you’re coming from Memphis, and you come to Mississippi to commit a crime, we’re not sending you back to Memphis. We’re sending you to Parchman prison.”

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