Dr. Manny Sethi: “We’ve Got to Get Memphis Back to Work”

by | May 4, 2020 | Elections 2020 | 0 comments

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Dr. Manny Sethi, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, says there’s no doubt the U.S. economy has taken a hit because of the coronavirus, but it’s imperative to re-open the nation.

“We’ve got to get our country back to work,” he said on the “Wake Up Memphis with Robyn Walensky.” show. “We’ve got to get Memphis back to work. It’s really important.”

Sethi, an orthopedic trauma surgeon in Nashville, said the Volunteer state should be reopened using what he called a “vertical containment strategy.”


Basically, it’s the process of protecting those citizens with pre-existing conditions.

“If we can open up soon we can stage a come back,” said said on The Mighty 990’s morning show.

Sethi, who is facing a number of Republican primary candidates, said if he’s elected he will defend small business owners.

“We need to protect and help our small businesses,” He told Robyn. “That’s the blind spot. I don’t think enough of our small businesses are getting the help they need.”

He noted that many large businesses and Wall Street companies  received bailouts while many small businesses were overlooked.

“I’m all about the little guy,” Sethi said. “A small-town community made me who I am and that’s how I see the world. That’s how I see Tennessee. All these folks trying to do good, trying to get their businesses going again and they need a fair shake.”

Click here for more information about Sethi’s campaign.

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