Early Voting Starts in Shelby County

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The Tennessee Secretary of State is assuring voters here in Shelby County of a smooth election season despite coronavirus concerns.

Tre Hargett tells ‘Wake Up Memphis’ with Robyn Walensky his office has been working diligently around the clock.

Hargett says it’s understandable some of the poll workers who are senior citizens will be sitting it out this election cycle because of the virus, but he says this is a huge opportunity for younger voters to work at area polling places and get involved in the political process.


Hargett tells Walensky, “We still need more people across the state, we’re trying to overrecruit frankly. We just don’t know, people could get sick in the middle of it.”

Hargett points out a new law was passed to allow poll workers as young as 16 years old to work during the primary and on Election Day in November.

“A lot of students are looking for things to do and make a little extra money, it’s a great way to do it,” Hargett tells ‘Wake Up Memphis.’

Hargett notes so many folks here across Tennessee have spent countless hours planning the social distancing at polling places and figuring out  the best way to keep the voting machines clean during the pandemic.

Hargett stresses his office has been working around the clock for months and months, “some may think we wake up three or four times every couple of years and run an election, and that’s obviously not the case, so much work goes into it.”

Hargett is in Memphis today touring various polling locations to see the results of all the hard work that’s gone into the process this election season.

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