EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Kustoff says GOP’s ‘Commitment to America’ Is How We win

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Tennessee Congressman David Kustoff (R) told KWAM he believes the GOP’s new “Contract with America” will help Republicans gain control of the House in November.

“This is really our driving vehicle. And so when we can talk about these four pillars and be able to offer real solutions compared to what Democrats are offering, which is more of the same, we win,” Kustoff told KWAM owner and nationally syndicated host Todd Starnes Friday.

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released the GOP’s four-point contract “Commitment to America” earlier today. The platform is built on four pillars: an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom and a government that’s accountable. 

“When I’m in West Tennessee, I’m talking about all the problems. Talking about the high cost of living, the high crime, talk about the border. We’re all really good about talking about the problems. We get to talk about solutions,” Kustoff said.

The title “Commitment to America” comes from the 1994 congressional races when Republicans signed the document “Contract with America,” which outlined their goals if they gained control of the House.

It worked in 1994. Will it work in 2022?

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