‘Foster Care is for Everyone,’ Says Youth Villages

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May is National Foster Care Month.
There are around 8,000 children in the foster care system in Tennessee, according to officials.
Samantha Talarico, a Youth Villages foster care trainer and recruiter, shared on Wake Up Memphis Friday that only 4,000 children have been placed with families.


“We have a large need for foster families to come in and love these children and give them some system, some stability and a great home,” Talarico told morning show host Tim Van Horn.

Qualified families can give a child a temporary home for a weekend, several months, or until the child is an adult.

“Foster care is for everyone. And if you have a big heart and a home that can take in youth, you can become a foster parent. It is very possible,” Talarico said.

For more information on how you can become a foster parent, click here.

Listen to the full conversation with Samantha below: 

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