Germantown Aims for Some Face-To-Face Learning in Fall Semester

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The Germantown Municipal School District wants to get kids back into the classroom this fall, and they have a plan to do it. With the new school year approaching, schools all over the country are forced to make final decisions on whether or not to send students back into classrooms.

Germantown aims to still start school on Aug. 6, versus Shelby County Schools is aiming to delay the start day until Aug. 31.

In addition to starting school on time, Germantown plans to send kindergarten through sixth-grade students will attend classes five days a week, while the other students will attend twice-a-week and have three virtual-learning days every week.


KWAM Program Director and parent Greg Ratliff says that he would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to his twin daughters going back to school.

“They did some virtual learning stuff at the end of the last school year and everything went fine,” Ratliff tells Robyn Walensky on ‘Wake Up Memphis.’ “We’re going to stick them at home for now and we’ll address it at the end of the year.”

Ratliff also says that he’s not worried about his family getting the coronavirus, but he is fearful because of how much time his daughters spend with their grandparents.

“And we still just don’t know enough about long-term effects of the virus,” he says.

Germantown plans to release its official plan for its schools Wednesday, and Collierville also released one.

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