Germantown School Board Candidate Says Teachers Must Use Trans Pronouns

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Local News, Memphis, news, politics | 0 comments

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Germantown Municipal School Board candidates weighed in on hot-button issues like critical race theory and gender ideology during a forum Thursday evening.

In the fight for seat Position 2, Jeffrey Chipman, a public school teacher, said teachers need to use the preferred pronouns of transgender students.

“I’m personally a member of the LGBT community,” Chipman said. “Every child that walks into my classroom needs to feel like they are comfortable… If a person has an objection, then they just don’t need to speak to that child.”

He added: “It is never okay to misgender a trans child. It is never okay to mispronoun them intentionally.”

Pediatrician Dr. Daniel Chatham, a Republican, strongly disagreed.

“I don’t think that any teacher or student should be forced to use a gender pronoun for another student that does not match their gender if they are uncomfortable doing so,”  Chatham said.

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