Heidi Kuhn: There’s No Place ‘Safe’ in Memphis

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Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk Heidi Kuhn told KWAM no place is “safe” after she became the latest victim of a carjacking.

She was pumping her gas off Germantown Parkway Sunday evening when four men in two cars pulled up beside her.

Police were able to find her car with the help of a tracking device on her phone that was left inside her vehicle.

Kuhn said the carjacking has turned her trust in people upside down and is now dealing with some PTSD.

“It isn’t just what’s happening in that moment, it’s the after fact,” she told “Wake Up Memphis” Thursday. “Everything that I’ve had to deal with since then, it’s traumatizing. I will honestly tell you, I do not want that car any longer. It just feels tainted.”

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She noted citizens need to be aware of what is around them at all times and to not assume any part of town is immune to crime.

“I don’t think there’s any place that you can consider ‘safe’,” she said. “I think that people just need to take their own safety in their own hands. I’ve done that and it happened to me.”

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She said Memphis police are fed up with the revolving door of 201 Poplar with policies that are more like slaps on the wrist for criminals.

“We’ve gotta do something that’s going to be more impactful,” she said. “It does frustrate me and I know it frustrates the MPD because they told me personally. We’ve gotta figure out a solution.”


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