“I Give Him a Zero:” Rep. Steve Cohen Blasts President Trump’s Handling of Global Pandemic

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There’s little doubt that lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have turned the global pandemic into a political issue. Robyn Walensky, host of “Wake Up Memphis,” spoke with Rep. Steve Cohen (D- TN) and Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN).

Without hesitation, Cohen blasted President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.


“I give him a zero,” Cohen said. “He knew from Intelligence and from his health secretary that the coronavirus was quite likely to come to America and be a great effect on our economy and our health.”

On the other side, Alexander refuted Cohen’s grade and thought it was in poor taste.

“I don’t think Steve should be giving out grades like that, or me,” Alexander said. “It’s much more contagious than anyone imagined. It’s a silent killer. I think the president overall has made a good response to it.”

Alexander said the country is pumping out more than 2 million tests a week but that we need a lot more before things can get back to normal.

The last major event in America’s history that changed the way society functioned were the events of the September 11 attacks. The pandemic of the coronavirus is quite different, and it might change society in more obvious ways than the terrorist attacks did.

“I think the difference between 9/11 is most of us weren’t there,” Alexander said. “It [the virus] affects every single person.”

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