Incumbent DA Amy Weirich Questions if Victims Are A Part of Mulroy’s Plan

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The district attorney’s race in Shelby County has been heating up between incumbent Amy Weirich and candidate Steve Mulroy with several debates occurring in the last several weeks.

Weirich joined Wake Up Memphis on Thursday morning and was asked by Chett Hopper, co-host of Chett and Sherrie, on her view towards victims also getting justice. Hopper pointed out that he has only ever heard Weirich’s stance on justice for victims and she did more than just agree to that remark.

“I’m not sure he’s ever uttered the word ‘victim’,” she said. “A lot of people talk about criminal justice reform. When they say that, you have to listen and make sure that they’re not just talking about justice for criminals but that they are also talking about improving the system for everybody, including the victims.”

Towards the end of the interview, Weirich noted how her experience for the position makes the difference between which way voters will lean come Election Day and what will matter to them most at the booth.

“I know he’s got 20 plus years in the safe confines of the law school classroom,” she said. “I know he was a federal prosecutor for a short time. What experience he has, I know it pales in comparison to mine.”

This was all ahead of early voting starting on July 15. Election Day will be held on August 4. Find your voting location and election information here.



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