Is Memphis Really Going to Dig Up the Dead Body of a Confederate War General?

by | May 13, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

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Nathan Bedford Forrest’s body is not allowed to rest in peace. In addition to moving the iconic statue, his and his wife’s body will be relocated for the second time.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and Memphis Greenspace have reached an agreement on a persisting issue in the Memphis area. After countless protests and various discussions about the presence of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument, the Sons of Confederate Veterans will own two statues and the related display pieces.

As a result, the lawsuit has been dropped on the issue. The bodies are expected to leave Memphis for good, although where they will be buried exactly has not been yet decided. The bodies were originally buried in Elmwood Cemetery and then relocated in 1904 to the statue’s site in Forrest Park.

On The Mighty 990 Facebook Page, listeners weighed in.

“Ridiculous. Don’t wipe out history, learn from it,” one listener said.

“Fine, move the statue, but the dead bodies?!? What kind of insanity is that?? Are we to assume the ghosts of these Confederate loyalists are just lying in wait for the opportune time to rise up and once again declare war??? I mean, if that’s the case, I guess they should be moved out of the U. S. But if not, I really don’t see a valid and logical reason to disturb the remains of American citizens,” another listener wrote.

Robyn Walensky on “Wake Up Memphis” shared her thoughts on the topic. She said this generation needs to remember the country’s history, and we need to learn from where we came from and all the progress the country has made since.

“We are caving in this country to erasing history,” she said. “We have things in this country that have been very negative, but should we forget about them?”

Walensky was stunned by news that the bodies of the general and his wife might be removed.

“Now we are not only taking down statues, but we’re moving graves,” she asked. “Wow – does this burn me up.”

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