“It’s For the Best and Businesses Will Have to Adjust” Fox 13 Reporter

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

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Fox 13 Memphis reporter Jeremy Pierre got caught inserting his editorial opinion into a news story about the health department’s unlawful shutdown of Shelby County businesses.

“It’s for the best and businesses will have to adjust to help slow the spread of the COVID19,” Pierre said during a news report on December 28th.

For the record, KWAM stands alongside restaurants and small business owners across the Mid-South.

The Shelby County Health Dept. has no right to tell you how to operate your business. And the feckless Shelby County Commission should be ashamed of their cowardly behavior. They completely capitulated to the health czars.

How much would you like to wager that Jeremy Pierre and Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner are still getting paychecks?

Meanwhile, law-abiding business owners can’t afford to pay their bills.

Click here to watch Pierre’s biased report. 

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