Judge Anderson Reprimanded For Disrespecting Cop, Attacking Bail Law

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Local News

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Shelby County General Sessions Judge Bill Anderson has been publicly reprimanded after he disrespected a Memphis Police sergeant and made disparaging comments about laws governing the state’s bail system.

The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct determined that Anderson had raised his voice and mocked a Memphis Police sergeant during a bond hearing.

“Judges are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct and dignity of judicial office at all time,” read a letter to Judge Anderson from the Board. “Yelling or making injudicious comments in court is neither dignified nor courteous and sets a poor example for everyone present.”

The Board also reminded the judge that “overly harsh or intemperate words may reasonably perceive that the judge is biased.”

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An investigation was launched after State Sen. Brent Taylor wrote a letter to the Administrative Office of the Courts detailing the judge’s animus toward the bail system.

During a Sept. 18th Shelby County Commission meeting, Anderson blasted the law noting that, “bail bond companies don’t do anything except collect money from poor people.”

“I detest the bail bond system in Shelby County,” he declared. “I detest it across the state.”

The Board said statements like that could “undermine public perception and confidence that the judge will approach his or her cases fairly and impartially.”

And even worse it would “undermine public confidence in the judiciary.”

Taylor told KWAM News Radio Memphis he was glad the Board of Judicial Conduct took action.

“I am pleased to see that the Board of Judicial Conduct issued a public reprimand of Judge Anderson,” he said. “I am hopeful this increased accountability on our criminal judges will help bring law and order to Shelby County as I work to Make Memphis Matter in the Senate.”


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