KWAM Host Calls Out FOX13 for ‘Whoop That Trick’ Double Standard

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If you’ve been to FedEx Forum, you’ve heard the chant, “Whoop That Trick.” If you’re a FOX13 viewer, you’ve also probably heard anchors and reporters use the phrase.

To Memphis Grizzlies fans, the chant is a rallying cry. But its street definition means to pimp slap your girlfriend when she gets out of line.

Is the local television station telling its viewers to pimp slap their partners?


The vulgar chant is loaded, much like the phrase that has the fate of its chief meteorologist Joey Sulipeck hanging in the balance.

“The deck is stacked against Joey,” Wake Up Memphis host Tim Van Horn said Wednesday morning. “The anchors are encouraged to talk about and say and bring on the singer from ‘Whoop that Trick,’ but Joey can’t call somebody a neanderthal?”

Sulipeck was suspended after tweeting about Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green during the NBA Western Conference in early May.

Sulipeck was accused of racism for tweeting that Green was a knuckle-dragger.

“Draymond Green runs his knuckle-dragging open mouth ALL GAME LONG, but mild-mannered Kyle Anderson disputes one call and gets ejected?” the weather man tweeted.

Thousand took to social media to point out that knuckle-dragger was a synonym for a neanderthal.

“If you want to say ‘Whoop that Trick on Fox13, that’s fine. But don’t be hypocrites and keep Joey Sulipeck off the air,” Van Horn pointed out. It is very, very sad because there are people that love this man for the service that he’s given to this community.

Listen to Tim Van Horn below: 

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