KWAM Listeners OUTRAGED Over Possible Face Shields for Students

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Moms in Memphis are lighting up the Mighty990 Newsmaker line telling “Wake Up Memphis” host Robyn Walensky they are outraged by the proposal of Shelby County Schools to mandate face shields for students in the fall.

“There are health risks to healthy children breathing in their CO2 all day,” Caller Jackie tells Walensky. “It’s not the government’s responsibility, it’s our responsibility to educate our children. We need to take back our power from the government and quit handing over our children.”


Memphis caller Chantay says they need to figure out the financial factor.

“My concern is, will the parents be responsible for purchasing the face shields?” she says.

Caller Beverly, who has an autistic son, tells “Wake up Memphis” the situation is extremely complicated, as she has a special needs child. Due to his medical conditions “my son will not be able to keep a shield or a mask on,” she says.

Caller Cindy thinks it’s not realistic to mandate masks for young children,

“What happens when they sneeze?” she says. “And what if the child wears glasses how is that going to work?”

Caller Cathy is also upset. She says if the children are forced to wear masks all day, the teachers will not be able to see their critically important facial expressions.

“I think it’s taking a really big aspect in communication away,” she adds.

A KWAM Mighty990 Facebook follower Rob says “Nope, glasses, braces and pimples are enough to deal with in school without adding face shields.”

Two additional listening sessions will be held before a final decision on the matter is reached.

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