LA Gym Owner Warns Looters: You Threaten My Life, I’m Aiming for the Head

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Looters have been pillaging much of Los Angeles – including stores along Van Nuys Boulevard. However, several business owners were able to fight off the looters because they were heavily-armed.

The men over at Mendy’s Gym stopped a crowd of thugs dead in their tracks when they brandished double-barrel shotguns.

“This isn’t just a job, Mendy, the gym’s owner told a local television reporter. “I’m a small business owner and I’m not going to sit around and watch some guys throw rocks.”

Mendy, who can bench press eleven hundred pounds, said he’s 100 percent supportive of Black Lives Matters, but he draws the line at the looting and violence.

“You’re going to destroy something that somebody worked so hard to build, maybe you should be put down. You walk in my door, you threaten my life, I’m aiming for the head,” he said.

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