Library Cards Going Gay at Memphis Public Library

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Local News

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The Memphis Pubic Library is going full-blown gay.

The taxpayer-funded library system recently held a contest to design new gay pride library cards, KWAM News Radio Memphis first reported. Two winners received $500 and their work will appear on library cards for at least a year.

As many as 18 contestants entered the competition and many library patrons say they are just giddy over the new rainbow-colored cards.

“Omg if I “accidentally” lose my card can I get a new one like this???”

Wow! What amazing cards! Can’t wait to get mine!

Oh man I had no idea there were so many varieties- and these new ones are an awesome addition!

Others were not so keen on the gay-themed cards.

“What happens when indoctrination kids,” one person wrote using a “poop” emoji. “(This) don’t belong in Tennessee or any library/school.”

In response, a defender wrote, “Why are you such a snowflake? Are the library cards hurting your wittle feewings? Have a nappy nap little baby. I bet you think you’re a real man, too.”

The taxpayer-funded library fully embraces the gender fluid, pronoun-confused, Alphabet Activist community. An entire section on its website dedicated to gay pride books for children.

It’s unclear if heterosexual readers will be permitted to check out books with the homosexual-centric cards.

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