Lucky Heart Cosmetics Donates Hand Sanitizer to Hospitals During Pandemic

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Lucky Heart Cosmetics owner Jeremy Stein tells “Wake Up Memphis” host Robyn Walensky his Memphis-based company acted with lightning speed to retool in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I started getting calls for hand sanitizer from the Memphis Fire Department, from nurses at area hospitals, and from volunteers who help the homeless as we once made hand sanitizer, I thought I can help,” Stein tells Walensky. “Today we are making 1500 gallons of hand sanitizer per day.”

So how did this all happen? In the early days back in late February and early March people were so desperate for hand sanitizer, Stein decided not to charge and to donate thousands of gallons of the product to give back to the community he loves.

A former marine that joined the U.S. military in the aftermath of the September 11 Terrorist Attack, Stein served in Iraq and returned home to Memphis after his tour to find a job in the private sector.


Stein started working at Lucky Heart Cosmetics, founded in 1935, and he eventually became the owner.

The company’s core business is manufacturing salon-products for African American clients. The brick-and-mortar store is located in downtown Memphis, and shoppers can also order online.

The veteran-owned business sells skincare and hair care products, but the pandemic sparked this new hand sanitizer product line by one of the chemists on staff.

Stein says the company briefly made small amounts of hand sanitizer but geared up converting to a full ramp-up, hiring new employees back in March to meet the incredible demand.

Stein says he moved quickly to acquire the ingredients before there was a nationwide shortage.

Word spread, and organizations in the community began to contact Lucky Heart Cosmetics. The phone was ringing off the hook. The calls coming in from across the country.

“I was just shocked they were calling a small business in Memphis, Tennessee,” he adds.

Stein says Lucky Heart Cosmetics is selling hand sanitizer “at the lowest price we can. The large 8-ounce bottle is just $5 dollars, the 4-ounce bottle is $4 dollars, and the 2-ounce bottle, great for purse or knapsack is $2.50.”

Check out their website here.

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