Marquita Bradshaw Refuses to Concede U.S. Senate Race to Bill Hagerty

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Elections 2020, Memphis | 0 comments

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U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty defeated Democrat Marquita Bradshaw in a stunning landslide — but Bradshaw refuses to concede the race.

“Hagerty is not my U.S. Senator and we will count the last vote,” she said at a small election night party.” “My name is Marquita Bradshaw and I will be your next United States Senator.”

The race was called by AP at 7 p.m., when polls closed. By 10 p.m., with nearly 80% of votes counted, Hagerty was ahead 62% to 35%.

“This is not a concession speech,” she said. “It is on a principle of democracy that we will fight till every last vote is counted. I’ve already made history and that was not my intention.”

She referenced “antics” without providing any evidence.

“In true South Memphis style – we will fight and we will go find my votes – at the bottom of the basement,” she said. “You can’t call this race. You don’t have the authority.”





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