Mary Walter Rips Dylan Mulvaney’s Attempt to “Normalize” Women With Bulges

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Political commentator and radio host Mary Walter slammed President Biden Tuesday for inviting social media star and transgender woman Dylan Mulvaney to the White House.

She talked about the irony of the president being scolded in the interview on what it means to be a woman by a male identifying as a woman.

“Just because you decided to be a girl less than a year ago, I’m suddenly supposed to believe that you now are like me and you have experienced life like me? No,” Walter told “Wake Up Memphis” host Ben Deeter.

One of Mulvaney’s popular TikTok’s show him talking about “normalizing women having bulges” while wearing tight shorts and sharing how annoying it is to be stared at when in public.

Walter reacted to the audio clip by sharing that regardless of how tolerant she may be, it is undeniable how un-normal this is.

“I know two men who transitioned into women. They did it when they were in their thirties,” she said. “They had to undergo counseling and all this other stuff and they think none of this is normal. They are not going to normalize the ‘bulge’ like Dylan wants. I’m tolerant. You go be you, I don’t care, but you can’t demand that I participate in your little game. That’s not happening.”



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