Mayoral Candidate Vows to Fire Police Chief

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Judge Joe Brown told KWAM he will fire Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis if he’s elected in October.

“Yes,” Brown replied to KWAM’s Ben Deeter when asked if he would send Davis to the unemployment line.

“Now why do we have [Davis] as a chief and we have a number of fine people locally who could run the police department and demonstrated that they are able to run large units of the police department and keep the morale up?” Brown asked.

The mayoral hopeful not only took issue with Davis’ checkered past within law enforcement, but he also blasted the position entirely.

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“As this character that we have in office right now, lame duck, nominating and having appointed a chief of police, who believe it or not, gets paid more than he does. That’s ridiculous,” Brown said. “Why did we bring in a chief we can’t fire?”

Combating crime is at the center of Brown’s campaign, he told Wake Up Memphis in an exclusive interview Monday. In fact, he said his home repairman’s son was shot and killed last week.

Brown called Mayor Jim Strickland “just a functionary,” accusing him of lining his pockets and wasting taxpayer dollars on pointless programs.

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“We’ve got entirely too many projects that do not match the calculus necessary for these problems we have to be corrected,” he said. “We need the streets fixed from the potholes to the people.”

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