Memphis Councilwoman Blasts Parents of Demons

by | Apr 24, 2024 | crime, Local News, Memphis, news

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A Memphis Councilwoman ripped parents of teenagers causing chaos across the city.

Yolanda Cooper-Sutton described the lawless children as being on “demon time.” That phrase is used to describe what happens after 10 p.m.

“These children do not mind dying because they are on demon time,” the councilwoman said. “All you Christian people know what a freaking demon is — it’s diabolical, the music and parents are upholding it.”

Council members met Tuesday to discuss a recent shooting on a basketball court, where 9 people were shot.

“Guns are everywhere and the parents are protecting their children with these guns because they still running on demon time,” Cooper-Sutton said.

She added: “Hold these parents accountable. It is not the job of the police department to babysit.”

Watch below:

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