Memphis Gun Store Gives Away Free Toilet Paper With Firearm Purchase

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

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One of the Mid-South’s most popular gun shops is taking advantage of the nation’s obsession with toilet paper.

Classic Arms of Memphis is offering customers a free roll of toilet paper if they buy a firearm.

Extra soft, not single-ply.

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“We already sold out,” gun store manager Greg Richardson told The Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Richardson said they bought a 24-pack and posted a message on Facebook.

“We did it kind of as a gag, but sure enough everybody came running in here,” he said. “Everybody needs some stress release.”

Richardson said it was really in response to the chaos happening at grocery stores and gas stations.

“We really had a run on ammo the last three days,” he said. “People are stocking up.”

Honestly, now is probably the best time to purchase a firearm. How else will you protect your stockpile of Charmin? Click here to check out Classic Arms of Memphis. 

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