Memphis Man Kills and Hides Dog in Bathroom

by | Mar 24, 2023 | crime, Local News, Memphis, news | 0 comments

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A Memphis man beat his dog to death, stuffed it in a trash bag and then hid it under his sink, according to the Memphis Police Department.

The Memphis Police Department reported that the man, Tevin Overall, said he did it because the dog destroyed his apartment.

Authorities were reportedly alerted on Thursday because a witness and security guard heard Overall beating his dog and the animal let out whimpers. WREG reports the witness even heard what sounded like Overall hitting the dog against his apartment wall.

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Overall allegedly threw the dead dog into the hallway and then returned it to his apartment under his sink. However, the witness reportedly was able to take photographs of the animal before Overall took it back inside.

Once officers got a warrant, they searched Overall’s apartment and found the dead dog wrapped in a trash bag underneath the resident’s sink.

Overall has been charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and is set to appear in court on Friday.

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