Mayoral Candidate McKissak: First Priority Is Restoring Public Safety

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Memphis mayoral candidate Michelle McKissak told KWAM Thursday restoring public safety will be her top priority if elected in October.

McKissak, the former chair of the Memphis Shelby County School Board, discussed her platform “Whole City Memphis,” which includes a safety plan to combat violent crime.

“An issue on everyone’s mind no matter what neighborhood, no matter what zip code you live in is safety, public safety,” she told “Wake Up Memphis” hosts Todd Starnes and Ben Deeter. “Addressing that sense of feeling shaken, like when you walk outside of your door, go run an errand, have dinner at a restaurant.”

The safety plan includes stopping the “revolving door” at 201 Poplar, holding judicial commissioners accountable for lowering bail for violent criminals and partnering with law enforcement to catch criminals roaming Memphis streets.

Crime hit close to home for the mayoral candidate, who shared her family was dining at Tug’s Casual Grill in Harbor Town when gunfire erupted Saturday evening.

“My sister yelled ‘he has a gun, run!'” McKissack said. “And she basically kind of picked up my mom and they ran. And you can imagine for 85-years-old that’s challenging.”

Fortunately, McKissack’s family and the other patrons were unharmed in the shooting. Police are still looking for the suspects.

Listen to our full conversation with Michelle McKissack below:


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