Memphis Suburbs Bracing for Possible Violence From Antifa

by | May 31, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

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There are reports that police are bracing for possible violence tonight in the affluent Memphis suburbs. Memphis and Germantown police tell KWAM there are fears ANTIFA thugs and other leftist groups might be targeting suburban areas.

Crews were busy over the weekend boarding up the front of the Apple store in the Shops of Saddle Creek. A security officer told a KWAM staffer that anyone not shopping had to leave the premises.

Apple Store at Shops at Saddle Creek

At least four Germantown police cruisers were also seen patrolling the streets around the upscale shopping district and another police car was stationed in the parking lot.

ANTIFA America posted a profane threat on its Twitter feed – warning that they were going to cause mayhem in suburban areas around the nation – especially residential areas.

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