Mississippi Lawmakers Renew Call to Change State Flag

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Mississippi lawmakers have declared war on the state flag.

The historic state flag contains the Confederate battle emblem. The state didn’t adopt its first flag until 1861, and after several revisions since then, the flag is now facing a possible “modern” makeover with a proposed resolution.

Many say that the Confederate battle emblem is offensive to black minorities in America, while others feel strongly that the flag’s historic design should be maintained.

State Rep. Robert Johnson told CNN there is bipartisan support to change the flag.
“Everybody is on board with getting rid of the messages of segregation, and the old South, and the Civil War, except Mississippi,” said Johnson, a Democrat.

Thousands of Black Lives Matter members protested at the state capitol this past week, and the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd have brought the issue of the state flag back into the spotlight.


Republican Governor Tate Reeves will make the final decision on the fate of the flag.

“There are a lot of people who have been vocal about this issue for a long time,” Reeves said. “My position has not changed. I spent much of 2019 telling the people of this state what I believe is there is going to come a time at some point I’m sure, when the people of Mississippi are going to want to change the flag. My position is, when they want to do that, it should be the people that make that decision, not some backroom deal by a bunch of politicians in Jackson.”



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