Mob of Thugs Steals $10K Worth of Liquor – Celebrating Mulroy’s Victory?

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As many as a dozen thugs were captured on video smashing windows and stealing more than $10,000 worth of booze from Buster’s Liquors.

“I was warned about this just two days ago. There is a rash of stores that have been broken into – a rash of crime I guess you could say of these burglaries. They have stolen a significant amount of liquor from numerous retail liquor stores. Pretty confidently we’ll be banding together, and getting a reward put together to see that a lot of these individuals get arrested,” owner Josh Hammond told Local 24.

What’s remarkable is that the smash-and-grab happened in the heart of Memphis — on South Highland.

Perhaps the thugs were celebrating the election of the city’s new progressive district attorney, Steve Mulroy? Mr. Mulroy wants to tackle bail reform and avoid cash bail when possible.

In other words, it probably won’t be the last time these thugs target law-abiding business owners in the Mid-South.

Watch below:

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