MPD: No Charges Against Mob That Shut Down I-40 Bridge

by | Feb 4, 2024 | Local News

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Motorists were trapped for hours in a traffic jam that backed up to Marion, Arkansas. PHOTO: Ben Deeter

DEVELOPING STORY: The anti-Israel mob that shut down the Interstate 40 Bridge Saturday and stranded thousands of motorists will not face any charges.

“There were no arrests made today in connection with the protest,” a MPD spokesperson told KWAM News Radio.

The two-hour protest caused a massive backup on the Tennessee and Arkansas sides of the river. It was made even more frustrating for motorists because the I-55 bridge had been shut down for repairs. There are reports that at least one person facing a medical emergency had to be air-lifted to the hospital because first responders were stuck in the miles-long traffic jam.


The protest had been organized by Memphis Voices for Palestine and Palestinian Memphians and had been heavily promoted on social media for days. There are many KWAM listeners who wanted to know why MPD intelligence did not pick up any chatter about the protest. And others are demanding to know why MPD leadership allowed the protesters to march from City Hall onto the bridge.

Many Memphians and motorists are demanding to know why the mob will not face charges.

“Exactly what’s wrong in Memphis,” said one furious KWAM listener. “People can break the law and not fear getting arrested. Until our leaders start holding lawbreakers accountable for their actions, nothing will change. Our leaders run and hide AWOL.”

Said another, “Those snowflake numbskulls need to be charged federally for obstructing commerce by blocking the interstate. They posed a severe threat to public safety by shutting down the only operable bridge today as well. No arrests shows just how feckless and ineffectual our city leadership has become.”

And several KWAM listeners pointed out the sheer hypocrisy and double standard in the justice system.

“Just imagine what the response would be if Republicans blocked the roadway for a protest,” one listener said. “If they were Christian’s waving American flags or Trump signs or Pro-life signs every one of them would be at 201 Poplar and they would have to post bail for sure.”

Many fear the police department’s decision not to arrest or charge the mob will lead to even more roadway shutdowns.

“If police can’t move them, the citizens should have, the sheer amount of people they stopped could have united together & got traffic moving again,” said a KWAM listener. “Until they understand that we won’t put up with their attention seeking temper tantrums, they will keep doing this & go bigger.”

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