Nashville Mayor Shuts Down Bars, Nightclubs

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Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced the city will shutdown at midnight for at least 14 days. Watch the mayor’s announcement below.

The Democrat mayor’s decision came after it was revealed that there are 179 reported cases of the Chinese virus in Nashville. One person has died.

The mayor’s order is expected to have a devastating impact on Nashville’s music and entertainment industry. And many small business owners fear they may never be able to re-open.

“All Nashvillians should stay at home for the time being unless completely essential,” the mayor said on Sunday. “Stay comfortably at home with your loved ones and remain socially distanced from others to protect yourselves.”

Grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations and banks will remain open – but non-essential services will be forced to close.

“This order will further protect residents and support the work of our healthcare providers by flattening the curve,” the mayor said.

He also announced that “faith-based meetings should remain on hold until further notice.”

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