Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto ‘Being Reviewed for Public Release’

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Local police report that the manifesto of Nashville Christian school shooter Audrey Hale is “being reviewed for public release.”

Hale, who identified as transgender, shot and murdered three workers and three 9-year-old students at Covenant Christian School in March before being taken down by police.

Metro Nashville Police Department told WZTV that the process to release the manifesto has begun.

The investigation has advanced to the point that writings from the Covenant shooter are now being reviewed for public release,” MNPD’s Public Information Office told WZTV. “That process is underway and will take a little time.”

Metro Nashville Councilwoman Courtney Johnston told the outlet officials who have reviewed the manifesto said it “keeps them up at night” and that gunning down the Christian school was “a small sliver” in Hale’s plans.

Some proponents of the materials being released to the public say it will bring closure to grieving families of the shooting and give much-needed answers to the public. However, others argue that releasing the manifesto will cause more harm than good.

Reportedly, Hale had planned the mass shooting for months.

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