News of the Day: April 2, 2021

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Here’s everything you need to know going on in the Mid-South:

  • The Memphis Police Department announced the installation of new crime-fighting technology in Orange Mound. Retiring Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings talked about details to the media. The Shot Spotter system costs $650,000 and is being paid for with a federal grant.


  • Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has issued a new Executive Order that will be in effect through Friday April 30th. The order limits indoor arena events to 75 percent seating capacity. Also attendance to all indoor extracurricular events like athletic competitions and concerts will be limited to 50 percent. The mask mandate has been lifted but residents are still encouraged to wear face masks.


  • Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris announced Thursday a new program called the COVID-19 Community Council. This council will aim to engage locals in the decision-making process to get the coronavirus vaccine. This council will consist of 40 members and will start meeting twice a month starting in May.


  • A man wanted for murder in Memphis has been found dead in Nashville. 48-year-old Michael Tucker fired three shots at U.S. Marshalls when they tried to arrest him at a hotel, and when U.S. Marshals breached the door and sent a drone in, he was dead on the floor with a self-inflicted gun wound.

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