OH, BLOODY HELL! Prince Harry Bad Mouths Elvis, Graceland

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Local News | 0 comments

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Prince Harry would do well to steer clear of the 901.

It seems that Mr. Meghan Markle in his new autobiography trashed Elvis Presley and mocked Graceland, the beloved home of the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.

“People variously called the house a castle, a mansion, a palace. But it reminded me of the badger sett,” Prince Harry wrote in “Spare.” “Dark, claustrophobic. I walked around saying, ‘The King lived here, you say? Really?’”

“I stood in one tiny room with loud furniture and shag carpet and thought, ‘The King’s interior designer must have been on acid,’” Harry wrote in his memoir.

Elvis purchased Graceland in 1957 for his parents. Hundreds of thousands of fans visit every year.
Graceland is one of the most visited houses in the nation, second only to the White House.

Elvis fans are enraged over Prince Harry’s snide comments.

“If President Trump had still be in office, Harry and his missus would’ve already been deported,” said KWAM radio host Todd Starnes. “Maybe he could get his day job back as the court jester.”

Starnes also offered a word of advice for the woke prince.

“Prince Harry needs a blue suede boot up his British arse,” Starnes said. “Steer clear of the 901, Harold.”

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