Online Church Rises in Popularity — Is That Good or Bad for Congregants?

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Ever since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, online church has risen in popularity. It seems to offer a lot of benefits: staying in pajamas, cozying up on your couch and not having to worry about small talk with strangers.

However, are streaming services actually detrimental to the church as a whole?

On “Wake Up Memphis,” host Ben Deeter and Josh Rivera weighed the pros and cons of attending church online.

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Rivera pointed out you’re missing out on the face-to-face interactions by live streaming a service at home.

“You’re supposed to use church obviously as worship and to learn,” he said, “but also just a place to go fellowship and be around people, people who have the same belief ideas as you, and a place where you can, you know, you can feel free a little bit, and it’s a shame that’s not really a common thing anymore.”

Listen to the full segment below:

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