Police Arrest Car Theft Suspect in Germantown

by | Mar 29, 2023 | crime, Local News, Memphis, news | 0 comments

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Germantown Police captured and arrested a car burglary suspect after an extensive chase Wednesday morning.

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Police searched for the culprit for over an hour before locating him. The chase disrupted multiple bus routes, and they had to set up a perimeter in the Oaks Subdivision of Germantown.

Burt Hayes, one of the victims, described seeing the criminal break into his vehicle.

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“I saw him on the camera just as I was awakening,” Hayes told Fox 13 Memphis, “and I saw him move from the front seat and then he moved to the rear seat. He continued to do his business for another several minutes and police caught him in the act. He jumped our fence, back through the backyard and then into the drainage ditch. And the apparently into the culvert and had been hanging out there while they were doing their investigation. And then I understand my neighbor saw him peak up through a manhole and alerted police.”

The name of the suspect hasn’t been released yet.



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