Sebastian Gorka: Trump Will Run In 2024

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“America First” host Dr. Sebastian Gorka predicted former President Donald Trump will run again in 2024.

Gorka talked about his recent interview with Trump on “Wake Up Memphis” Wednesday.

You can listen to America First with Sebastian Gorka on the Mighty990 every weekday at 2 P.M.

“[President Trump] was in fine form. Everybody knows, I don’t think I’m breaking news to you, that he is going to run for the presidency,” Gorka told host Ben Deeter.

Read the rush transcript below:   

Deeter: The midterms are right around the corner, as I mentioned, now only six days away. I know, Dr. Gorka, you spoke with the president earlier this week. He’s been all across the country stumping for America First candidates. What’s the president telling you? Is he encouraged? 

Gorka: He is. All of your listeners need to go to Spotify. Go to my account. Sebastian Gorka, America First or to Rumble. You can watch or listen to the whole hour. We had him on the show for almost a complete hour on Monday. He thinks it’s going to be an absolutely crushing defeat for the Democrats. We talked about what it means for the GOP after the midterms and how once he’s back in office, there’s going to have to be a serious change of leadership as well, because we can’t have rhinos like Mitch McConnell running the Senate. So I recommend everybody listen to the actual podcast of America First. But he was in fine form. Fine form. And everybody knows I don’t think I’m breaking. You fear that he is going to run for the presidency.

Deeter: You know, and you’ve heard a lot of people say that they want to see him run again. I guess that makes me ask you, do you join the administration again if he would run again? I guess we try to break some news this morning. Would you do that? 

Gorka: I don’t think you look, it’s a great honor. I still serve the president. He made me a member of the Pentagon’s National Security Education Board the last month before the inauguration of Beijing Biden So I’m still serving him because Biden’s too afraid to fire me from that position. But but, you know, when when the president asks you to do something, it’s not just an honor. It’s a duty. So it’s it’s up to him. I definitely like this system in some way, shape or form with that, with the most important issue doesn’t matter what you care about, but the number one issue is personnel. Reagan was right. That pops up. Personnel is policy. So, you know, if there’s if there’s room for me to do that, I’d you know, I’m sure Salem would give me a little leave of absence, but. Well, we’ll leave that decision to the boss.

Deeter: All right. So let’s talk about what happens after six days. So let’s say hypothetically and there is good signs that this will happen, the red wave washes over the country. What happens next, in your opinion, from interviewing these MAGA candidates, these America First Patriots, do you think they’ll roll up their sleeves and fight to start this administration? Are you hopeful? 

Gorka: Look, it depends. It depends on what we can do once we’re inside the building. So we’re going to have look at the president’s record. He’s got, what, like 224 for 11 in terms of endorsements that he said on my show that this is this is now a MAGA Party. It isn’t the old rhino go-along to get along footsie under the table with the Democratic party. This is a major party. If we have all those amazing candidates come in in the Senate as well, we’ve got those amazing races with J.D. Vance and others. And then we’ll see more people, the likes of Matt Gaetz, more people like, you know, in the in the mold of a Jim Jordan. And they have to exert pressure on those that have seniority inside the building. The Kevin McCarthy’s of this world Matt Gaetz on my show thank. I like this plan. We have to turn every committee of Congress into an investigatory committee, and then we have to get serious about subpoenas. I told my I, you know, that’s nice, but I’m not satisfied with that. When you’ve got people like Alejandro Mayorkas responsible for the deaths of 110,000 Americans because of the fentanyl being smuggled into the country through open borders, all the human trafficking, but the crime being done by illegal aliens. I want people charged. I want criminal referrals and I want people arrested and I want people up in front of a judge. You look at what the attorney general, Merrick Garland, has done targeting parents across the country, using the Patriot Act, using the FBI simply because they want their children back in schools without masks. They have to be there have to be consequences for the out of control by administration and their use of the police against innocent conservatives. When you see a father who’s been a pro-life activist having his home raided by 25 armed FBI agents. But that goes beyond politics. We have to get serious about draining the swamp. 

Deeter: Fascinating. We have a lot of parents, young people who listen to this show. And we talk about your video. Earlier in the week, you shared this young transgender barista or barista or having a meltdown because of eight-hour shifts making pumpkin spice lattes. The video went viral. I checked yesterday. It’s about 6 million views. What does this say about the state of this generation? And do we blame the baristas or the parents of these kids?

Gorka: Great question. Yeah, I don’t know whether trying to do things that even but about video, I’ve never had a post go as viral as that. What it even shocked me. So I think it’s the parents. I think at the end of the day, look, if that person is an adult, it’s a very confused adult to say a girl that thinks they’re a boy and thinks that, you know, working 8 hours, making coffee in a Starbucks is like working at a coal mine. So, you know, at the end of the day, you blame the adult. But how did the adult get to that point? Yeah, I think it’s the parents. The parents, absolutely. And also, you know, how did how did this person get indoctrinated? I’m sure they were indoctrinated into the the lunacy of transgenderism at home. I’m sure that occurred in the school. I’m sure it occurred thanks to the Marxist teachers that we have coming out with teacher training colleges. So there’s a lot of responsibility to go around. But it starts, of course, with the parents and it starts with the conservative movement. We we ignored Andrew Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart was so right. He told us he told us almost 20 years ago that politics is downstream from culture, as conservatives have sacrificed. The culture, whether it’s Hollywood, whether it’s the media, whether it’s, you know, just the just the things that shape our children, such as the teaching in high schools. And it’s time for us to wake up, get red pilled and take back the culture.

Deeter: I agree. I couldn’t agree more. This report coming out overnight. Capitol Police apparently had eyes on the Pelosi’s home during that break in. Apparently, Sebastian, no one was watching. And my question to you, do you think we’ll ever see that body cam footage or that surveillance footage from the San Francisco Police Department?

Gorka: Wow. Yeah. This is this is the blockbuster in the Pelosi story. The what is it, the pro hemp nudist BLM supporter that we’re supposed to believe is is is a Trumpster? I don’t think so. I mean, look, if it’s if it’s the Capitol Police’s footage. No, we’re still missing thousands of minutes worth of footage from January the sixth. The fact that the FBI team flew to San Francisco for a house break in means that the cover up has already begun. The only way we get to see anything is if the body camera is responding. Officers, if it’s a good person in the local PD leaks it and they know they are good police officers laughs. But as far as I’m concerned right now, the way it’s looking, the fact that he’s not being released on bail, which is really weird because I thought Democrats would like to release the perps without having to pay cash bail. The fact that they’re doing everything to cover it up, if I had to bet right now, no, we will never know the truth of what happened with Paul Pelosi.

Deeter: Dr. Sebastian Gorka, host of America First, as he mentioned, you can find his interviews wherever you get your podcasts or go to his website for joining us in Memphis this morning. 

Gorka: You can check out my new substack as well. That’s brand new with Sebastian Gorka. Dot substack dot com. Thank you, buddy. 

Deeter: All righty. Have a good one. Wow. You heard that there. I certainly agree with him. I don’t see that we get that. Footage anytime soon. But again, it is the recent twist to what has been just a bizarre story ever since it broke on Friday. 

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