BLACKBURN: No One Has Done More for African American Community Than Trump

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee spoke with Robyn Walensky on “Wake Up Memphis” about Biden’s absurd comments, “Obamagate” and where the Republican National Convention could be held.

On Joe Biden’s “you aint’ black” comments during a viral interview, Blackburn said that this showed how the Democrats think.

“They look at groups of people,” she said. “They do the same thing with women.”

Despite the narrative that the media tries to push, Blackburn said that President Donald Trump has done the most for African Americans communities.

The other national narrative that is being swept away is the “Obamagate” scandal involving the investigation of Michael Flynn. On June 4, Blackburn said she is going to reconvene her committee, but ultimately a criminal indictment isn’t up to them.

“We are there to do oversight and bring daylight to the process,” she added.

Although Tennessee is opening back up, many states remain on lockdown. Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina is pushing back on holding the Republican National Convention during the coronavirus pandemic in Charlotte. If North Carolina is unwilling to host the event, Blackburn said that there are plenty of other options, including Tennessee.

“I think Arizona is also in the mix,” she added. “There are plenty of states that would like to host the convention.”

Regardless, she said she believes that the Republicans will convene in some way. However, it might be in an innovative way.

“It could be that we have one central location for the main stage but then you have 50 satellite stations across the country,” Blackburn said. “You could see a different type of convention this year.”





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