SHELBY COUNTY GOP CHAIRMAN: “I Think People are Coming to Their Senses.”

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“It’s going to be a wild next few months,” Chris Tutor, Chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party, tells “Wake up Memphis” Host Robyn Walensky.

Tutor tells Walensky “even before we get to the November general election, I want to remind voters here in Memphis we have an election in August.”

He says “We’re doing as much for Republican candidates as we can in this weird COVID-19 age of campaigning.”


Tutor and others in the Shelby County Republican Party realize the left-leaning Mainstream Media isn’t helping Republicans for sure.

Tutor tells “Wake Up Memphis” that “CNN has moved from providing objective journalism to an op-ed page on cable television. I think it’s unfair to political conservatives.”

Tutor says there doesn’t seem to be room for pro-life or traditional values candidates in the Democratic Party anymore.

With the Progressive wing of the Party clearly in charge, Tutor tells Walensky “I think people are coming to their senses about how the Democratic party is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party anymore.”

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